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It’s time to stop worrying about money! In Financial Peace University, you’ll learn the proven plan to help you keep a budget, beat debt, and build wealth!  Join our Financial Peace University group, and we will learn how to beat debt and make a plan for the future - together!

Check out this introduction video below!

Dates: Sunday February 27, 2022- May 1, 2022

         (9 weeks skipping Easter Sunday)
Time: 4:00 - 5:45pm
Place: Room 300A


  • Click the registration button below
  • Choose the membership length you prefer (3, 6 or 12 months). 
  • SPECIAL OFFER - FREE 3-month membership available as a rebate at the conclusion of the class. Winfree will cover the cost of the first 3 months of whichever subscription length you choose.

  • Couples married within the last year, and engaged to be married within the next year will receive a FREE 12-month membership. For these two groups only, please call the church office at 804-794-5031 to sign up instead of registering online. All other registrations must be made online.

You can sign up for this class and start your 14-day free trial of Financial Peace by clicking the button below.


Debbie Strutton

Kenneth & Katrina Mason

Doug & Angela Godfrey