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Want to gain access to the thousands of online resources for spiritual growth? Contact us at the button below and indicate you'd like to sign up for RightNowMedia.

RightNowMedia has literally thousands of video Bible studies on their website, Some years ago Winfree purchased a membership with RightNow Media and makes it available to you at no cost. Here are a couple studies recommended by our pastor's wife, Jana Benjamin:

*Love Does, Bob Goff
I read the book and recommend this video.  Bob is an exuberant character, a funny and loving extrovert.  Every day he invites the miraculous.  Watch it and be encouraged.  God uses positive people who are available to him.

*Me and My Big Mouth, Andy Stanley
A really funny approach to a serious subject.  Always relevant, always a good review.

*Putting Sport in Its Proper Perspective:  Restore the Joy, Heath Eslinger
A look at sports in the life of families.  Eslinger was a college coach that became so passionate about the need for balance in family life that he quit coaching to educate and inform us.  During this time we have a fine opportunity to assess and reset priorities.  Pass this on to family members or friends who may find it helpful.  It’s a Biblical approach but not at all preachy.

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