Trunk or Treat 2020.png

Many Volunteers Needed!:

*Candy bag fillers

*Color book labelers

*Chalk circle and direction arrow drawers

*Parking Lot Attendants

*People to put up flags

*Water Station persons

*Candy Corn Guessing Contest person

*People to monitor safety spacing in T. or T. area

*Entrance persons: one for hand sanitizer, one to make sure protocol is read


-Safety Guidelines-

1. Car Trunks will be parked every other parking spot.

2. Chalk circles will be placed 6 feet from trunk to ensure safety.

3. Masked families will enter the rainbow entrance arch, will be informed of the COVID safety protocol and receive hand sanitizer.



a. Families will remain 6 feet from other families.

b. Families will travel one at a time – one family per chalk circle in front of trunks.

c. Families will travel in one direction.

d. Children will receive candy, color books, etc. via grabbers or chutes remaining 6 feet apart from trunk resident.

e. After exiting families will travel to their car before children will be allowed to open bags of candy.

f. Only 250 people at a time will be allowed in Trunk or Treat area. If more families arrive, they will be asked to remain in their cars until some families leave.


Instructions for Trunk Volunteers:

Please be in your parking spot by 2:30 p.m. Saturday, 10/31

1. Trunks must have a parking space between other trunks.

2. Trunk residents must deliver candy, color books, etc. via grabbers or chutes.

3. Trunk residents must remain 6 feet from families.

4. One family at a time will stand within the chalk circle to receive treats.

5. “Candy Runners” will come by to replenish trunk stash.


Safety of Candy and Other Items:

1. Candy donations will be collected. Collection box is located in the Bryan-Mapp Hall of the MAC.

2. Prior to Trunk or Treat volunteers will gather, wash hands, don masks and gloves and fill zip loc bags with candy.

3. Volunteers will also label color books, etc. with labels with Winfree information inviting them to tune into our virtual service or attend the next Parking Lot service.