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Friends of the Homeless

We partner with our local homeless ministry in Richmond each month. The following items can be dropped off in the MAC kitchen during office hours. PLEASE LABEL. If you are ordering items online that will be delivered straight to Winfree, be sure that you indicate that it is for Friends of the Homeless.

For lunches and snacks:
Nabs crackers(any kind and any amount)
Trail mix packs
Bags of crackers, cookies and chips
Fruit cups/spoons
Homemade cookies (that can be frozen till needed)
BumbleBee Chicken salad snack boxes
Little Debbie Snack cakes
Small candies (any kind of snack size)
Bottled water

If a family or group would like to make  non perishable lunches:
2 proteins (peanut butter crackers or trail mix or BumbleBee Snack boxes)
1 fruit cup
1 bagged chip
I dessert (cookie or snack cake)
2-3 small candies
Paper bag- can write message on the bag!

Backpack Ministry

Throughout the school year, Winfree’s Backpack Ministry provides grocery bags of food for a breakfast, lunch and dinner for children and their families, who do not have enough to eat. These children and families are identified by the school. During the school year, we typically serve over 100 people each week from the following schools:

· Watkins Elementary

· Greenfield Elementary

· Midlothian Middle

· Bon Air Elementary

· Old Hundred Elementary

· Reams Elementary

· Robious Elementary

Each week, we have volunteers who:

· Shop to replenish the food supplies.

· Pack the food bags every Tuesday at Winfree.

· Deliver the food bags every Tuesday to the local schools for the children to take home.

Needles, Hooks and Beads

This group meets once a month for hands-on missions, hand-crafting blankets, prayer shawls, necklaces, earrings and more. Come and learn. Come for great fellowship!

Rice Bowl Ministry

The “Rice Bowl” banks remind us that many people in third-world countries have approximately one bowl of rice per day. Spare change and designated offerings support various ministries locally and around the world.

Thanksgiving Meal Bags

We support the CCHASM program that provides Thanksgiving meal packages to families in need.

For more information, please visit or call the church office at 794-5031.

Middle District Christmas Store
This program helps to provide Christmas presents for children whose parents could not afford to do so. Applications are approved by Chesterfield County and the Middle District Baptist Assoc. Winfree assists with this mission by sponsoring children and volunteering at the store.



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