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Sunday Morning Bible Studies


Sundays @ 8:30am (and before)

Sacred Connections

Meets Online via Zoom @ 7:40am

Leaders: Diane Semach, Donna Slaughter, Sandy Gramling

Sacred Connections is an exceptionally supportive fellowship for ladies who seek a deeper, more reflective exploration of Scripture. Our studies are very interactive, and our discussion is rich. We hold open all of the possibilities in which the Holy Spirit speaks to us as we focus on the Scriptures. For the Zoom link, email Diane Semach at

Room M221, Main Building
Leader: Terry Raines
A group of Christian brothers and sisters in middle age that continue on a journey for truth, abundant life, growing faith, relevance, and community. 

Men's Class
Room M220, Main Building
Leader: Doug Garrett
Characterized by lively discussion and sometimes boisterous conversation. This class, as the name suggests, is made up entirely of men, with all ages represented.

Sundays @ 9:40am

Life Matters
Room M303, Main Building
Leader: Marie Peters
This class is a co-ed group of adults of all ages seeking the wisdom, guidance, and discernment of God in this season of life.

Room M220, Main Building
Leader: Jay Gates
A class made up of couples and singles ranging in age from 30 – 60, looking to God’s Word for grace and direction in raising families and facing the pressures and unique challenges of life.

College and Young Adults
Room C231
, Chapel Building

Leader: Josh Roberts

*meets when college students are home on breaks (summer/winter)*

Spice of Life
Room M221, Main Building
Leader: Robin Jenkins
A class that seeks to enrich, enhance, and simplify our daily experience through prayer and the study of God’s Word. This co-ed class is open to adults of all ages.


Room C231, Chapel Building
Leaders: Jon Haynes, Tom & Sarah Roeske
This discussion-based class is made up of adults with young families and adults 45 and younger. We look at the current events of the news and then look to the Bible to help us as we consider the news from a Christian perspective. 

Who Am I?
Room C103, Chapel Building
Leader: Deborah Wiglesworth
A class for women of all ages and walks of life focused on finding clarity and identity in Christ. This class strives to increase in understanding of scripture, its historical context, and its application in life today.

Kindred Spirit
Connection, Preschool Building
Leader: Kim Burgner, Scott Barlow, Tom Prato
This is a class of mixed, middle-aged and older adults, providing a safe environment to share life and stories, and to encourage others in that spiritual journey. 


Sundays @ 11:00am


Room M221, Main Building

Leader: Bill Shockley

While some say this class is for old folks, it's for fun folks who seek to learn more about God in an open and inviting atmosphere. Singles and couples join to share needs and celebrate together.



Connection, Preschool Building

Leader: Robin McNeny

This class, generally made up of older adults, seeks to love one another deeply and consistently bring about good in the lives of others.



Room M220, Main Building

Leader: Steve Hutcherson, Steve Mapp

Dunamis is a mixed class of couples and singles consisting of generally older adults. The class is chock full of new insights and fresh ideas when it comes to exploring scripture, and discussions are open and lively.



Room M303, Main Building

Leaders: Jo Gates, Anna Lee

This class is a loving group of senior ladies who truly enjoy the company of each other. Their focus is the Bible and richness of Christian faith and heritage.

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