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Always Remember...


God will not take you where His grace will not keep you.

Where His arms will not hold you,

Where His riches will not supply your need.

God will not take you where His power will not enable you,

Where His Spirit will not illumine you,

Where His wisdom will not teach you.

God will not take you where His presence will not encounter you,

Where His mercy will not comfort you,

Where His peace will not calm you.

God will not take you where His word will not strengthen you,

Where His consolation will not dry your tears,

And where His love will not enfold you.

(translated from Portuguese)

Courses Coming Soon:

For more information about upcoming courses, please contact us.


This course has been postponed to a later date that has not been decided at this time. Check back for updates.

Those who have been cast in the role of caregiving are often caught by surprise by the issues they will face and the decisions that have to be made. The Heart of Caregiving and the Art of Aging is a 10- week program that expands on our previous program, Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Sissies. Our focus will be on delivering compassionate caregiving tools. Join Pastor Steve and Bill Shockley in Room 300A. The cost is $25 for materials. Contact the church office to register. 

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