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Understanding Your Grief

Wednesday Evenings from 3:30 - 5 p.m. in Room 300A
Begins July 21, 2021 


Grief is a journey that affects us all uniquely. You or someone you know may be experiencing the wilderness of grief born out of significant loss. In times like these, a community of support is needed. Join our Minister of Pastoral Care, Pastor Steve Mapp, for this 10-week program. It is open to everyone, but space is limited. Please register by Friday, July 16 so that we can order your text for you. The cost of participation is $24.00 to cover the costs of the text and the journal.

Here is what participants in previous sessions have said:

“Understanding Your Grief provided us a respectful, quiet, confidential, compassionate, comforting, and caring place as we walked together along grief's path toward wholeness and healing. By listening, reading, reflecting, and responding, we came to understand that each individual encounters, manages, and reconciles grief in different ways and on different timelines; yet, universal patterns and 'milestones' can be discerned and applied, giving us the thoughts, words, and ways to talk about grief with ourselves and others.”


“We appreciate all the time and effort you shared with us in our special grief meetings. You truly helped us to understand some of the issues we were having and continue to address. Life is very difficult for us as we continue dealing with our struggles of grief. Our bonds with our grief group of wonderful friends will continue to become deeper and deeper as we love and pray for each other.”


“I attended the three previous grief classes. The first was the most difficult as I could barely speak. And I never could speak well in the next two for crying. But I would highly recommend these sessions. There is an instant understanding and acceptance that you won't find anywhere else. It is a blessing to have that kind of companionship during such a dysfunctional period of life.”

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