covid-19 update


We are back to our "normal" time slots, with Traditional at 9:40 a.m., and Contemporary at 11:00 a.m. 

Mother's Day (May 9) will be the last Sunday we take reservations, as we expect a larger number of attendees on this day. Beginning Sunday, May 16, we will no longer ask for pre-registration for worship services. 

Online services will still be available for any who do not feel comfortable gathering in large groups. Please stay tuned for updates on all services on our website, social media, and church-wide emails. (Not on the church email chain? CONTACT US to be added!)



Mask Making

Children's Masks - We have been approached by a representative from the local school district. There are 300+ prekindergarten-aged children who will be going back to school and will need a face mask who come from homes below the poverty level. We have been asked if our folks might be able to make some cloth masks for these children. If that sounds like your thing, we would love to fill that need. Think about appropriate size and materials as you make them, and then bring them by the church.

Adult Masks - We will be continuing to donate adult face masks to CARITAS. Any fabric is acceptable; the 65/35 cotton is most desired. You can drop the masks off at the church during office hours. Please refer to the instructions below by clicking the button that will take you to a list of guidelines.

CARITAS/Feeding the Homeless

Click the button below to view details of CARITAS needs on our Local Missions Page:

Keeping checking back here for more updates as we are constantly looking for new ways to help serve our community.